About me

Andreas Tetzner

As a software engineer I’m lucky to made my hobby – computer and technics – to my job. For me it is one of the greatest things, to enhance, ease or even automate things using software. Unfortunately software is pretty abstract and intangible which makes many people wonder, why someone rejoice about a single, blinking LED. The work that has to be done to get the LED blinking is often underestimated. But often the smallest things get the biggest relief. In total I would say, software engineers are the laziest people on earth, as their only strive is to make life easier for themselves and others. 😉

During my studies I started to deal with Linux and learned to love it. I am again and again impressed by the flexiblity and simplicity of how to get some things done using Linux. On the other hand I admin, there are things that can be managed with other operating systems more easily or even can’t be done using Linux. Despite everything, the pros outweight the cons and it is fun for me to find solutions for my (everyday) problems.

Besides Linux and computer, I recently started photographing. I have posted some of my pictures here, some of them taken during dive trips. I would be pleased to get some comments or constructive criticism. 😉