Overview of source code hosting tools

Vergleich SourceCode Hosting ToolsSome time ago, SourceForge decided to turn against their users, placing fake download buttons on their pages and bundle adware/malware with their Windows installer. When this became public, many projects left SourceForge. The competitor GitHub also released a page about that, with some more useful tips how to deal with this. Especially, GitHub posted a really nice summary about alternatives to SourceForge with the most important criteria to choose from them. In my case, I found the column “self-hostable” very interesting, as I also have some private-only repositories – partly with binary contents – I don’t want to have in the cloud.

Vergleich SourceCode Hosting Tools

From the figure above, Tuleap would be my preferred self-hosted source code tool. If you prefer a cloud-hosted provider, I think GitHub is the market leader – but as you can see, not the one with the most features.

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