Roundcube: Error “Undefined index:” when updating

RoundCubeI recently updated the roundcube installation of my server to the latest version. After that, I wanted to update all plugins using composer but only got the error “[ErrorException] Undefined index:”. I googled around but only found some other guy with the same problem and so I decided to play around with the composer.json and hopefully find a way to fix the error. The cause of the error was sadly very simple…

The roundcube and composer configuration on my server are both pretty old and therefore contained some outdated values. In my case, the composer.json contained the following value:

"require": {
   "roundcube/plugin-installer": "~0.1.6"

This basically fixed the plugin-installer to a pretty old version 🙁 After removing this line the error disappeared and I could update and install plugins as desired. I also decided to remove some other old dependencies from the configuration and left it only with the plugins, that I effectively wanted to have.

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